Leveraging Expertise and Empathy

Hofbauer Consulting's Growing Partnership with Dignity Grows

Leveraging Expertise and Empathy

Hofbauer Consulting's Growing Partnership with Dignity Grows

Dignity Grows was a one-time project to address period poverty that has grown into a national phenomenon. Imagine having to choose between buying food or buying sanitary products for your period. Imagine having just used your last menstrual necessities, with no money to purchase more…

Dignity Grow’s Mission

To eliminate Period Poverty in America through direct support, research, and social policy change.

Hofbauer Consulting has been Dignity Grows’ technical partner since it was founded in Hartford Connecticut in 2019. In just 4 years the organization has garnered national recognition and established over 50 chapters across the country. As a trusted partner on this incredible journey, Hofbauer Consulting has helped Dignity Grows establish and scale its online presence, operations and doner platform.

Transforming Tangible Generosity into Impactful Donations

In the early stages of their journey, Dignity Grows faced the same challenges all budding organizations face: establishing their brand, communicating their mission, attracting talent, and driving donations.

As awareness and engagement grew, however, Dignity Grows encountered a problem unique to their mission. Donors, inspired to connect and give, began buying and delivering menstrual hygiene products directly to the organization for redistribution.

Unfortunately, these IRL donations created a mismatch between donors’ generosity and the products beneficiaries preferred or required to meet their most intimate needs. Dignity Grows needed a way to transform this tangible giving into dollar donations they could use to purchase the right products in the right volume to meet the unique and evolving needs of their beneficiaries.

Empowering Dignity Grows with a Custom Website and eCommerce Donor Platform

To help Dignity Grows launch and establish its web presence, Hofbauer Consulting designed and built a custom website with a responsive, mobile-friendly, theme and templates that showcased its brand, mission, and impact. Hofbauer Consulting also used its technical expertise and strategic understanding of the non-profit sector to lay out a roadmap for its web systems that could evolve in sync with the organization’s growth.

This phased approach began by building a fundraising portal to kickstart donations and helping the organization register as a nonprofit with PayPal. This tailored solution meant that Dignity Grows launched ready to take donations, able to track donor data and control transaction costs for digital donations.

As Dignity Grows gained traction and began receiving an overwhelming volume of donated menstrual hygiene products, Hofbauer Consulting leveraged the knowledge of Dignity Grow’s mission and operations it had built through years of partnership to co-design an eCommerce-enabled donor platform. This innovative solution allowed donors to virtually ‘shop’ for hygiene products, solving the product mismatch problem and optimizing the potential of each donation

Impressive Growth in Visits, Donations, and Impact

The success of these solutions was transformative. The system operated with near-flawless precision, significantly reducing operational challenges that arose from product donations and ensuring a steady flow of contributions. Dignity Grows, initially a single chapter based in Hartford, Connecticut, flourished into a nationally recognized non-profit organization with over 50 active chapters.


Increase in Donation Page Visits


Increase in Size of Donations

Just one year after launching the eCommerce-enabled donor platform, unique visits to the Dignity Grows’ donation page have increased by 355%. The number of online donations has nearly tripled and the average total dollar amount of donations made online is double what it was a year ago.

Fueling Growth and Supporting Digital Transformation at Dignity Grows

Hofbauer Consulting collaborated closely with Dignity Grows throughout the process. From guiding the integration with PayPal to managing complex eCommerce integrations, the implementation was smooth and methodical.

The collaborative effort ensured that the system aligned with Dignity Grows’ organizational processes and goals. It also provided Hofbauer Consulting the opportunity to educate the organization on digital transformation that would be needed along the way.

The goal was not just to create a functional platform but to craft an intuitive and engaging experience that encouraged donations and empowered donors to make a difference.

Expanding Collaborative Efforts between Hofbauer Consulting and Dignity Grows

The collaboration between Hofbauer Consulting and Dignity Grows continues to evolve. Plans revolve around streamlining management processes and integrating the system with other development activities. There is a vision to automate data flow between donation platforms and other evolving systems, further enhancing operational efficiency and amplifying the positive impact of Dignity Grows’ mission.