We build stronger communities.

Our solutions empower local governments to foster community engagement both digitally and in person – enhancing communication, accessibility, and collaboration for residents and stakeholders alike.

I never felt any pressure or fake sales pitch from Hofbauer Consulting, just a sense of honesty and integrity. From the start, they made the whole process of building our platform easy and easy to manage. Not only did they train us to manage the platform ourselves, they took the time to really get to know our organization and helped tell our story and reach our unique audiences.

Evan Kaufman
Executive Director, South Fairfax Development Corporation
Fmr. Executive Director, The Hopewell Downtown Partnership

Featured Platform

We’ve built multiple platforms that empower local communities and governments. This is one of the collaborations that makes us proud.

Growing Together Through Digital Transformation – Empowering SFDC’s Economic Development Mission

With its decades-long presence in the community, SFDC has always been committed to driving revitalization along the Richmond Highway. However, as an organization with a history, SFDC faced challenges inherent to its legacy, including a website that was difficult to maintain and failed to reflect the organization’s enduring impact.

How we helped:

  • Content Management
  • Hosting and CDN
  • Interactive Maps
  • Registration Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design

Web platforms tailored to your municipality

Our custom portals are dynamic hubs, offering intuitive interfaces for residents to access vital information and engage with their local community. These platforms foster transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration and are designed to evolve and grow with the community.

Portals and Platforms

We empower municipalities with robust portals and platforms that streamline administration, enhance citizen engagement, and facilitate transparency.

Community Calendars and Events

We streamline community and event management with calendars, online registration, e-ticketing, and reporting for seamless coordination and impactful gatherings.

Custom Configurations for Unique Needs

For unique needs, we develop requirements and source or build solutions, seamlessly integrating specialized functionality into your existing system.

Featured System

We’ve customized multiple systems that cater to our unique needs . This is one of the solutions that makes us proud.

Custom Content Management for Retired Residents – Streamlining Operations and Compliance at Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall leadership approached Hofbauer Consulting for a comprehensive solution to modernize their operations and comply with state regulations. We helped them build and launch their first website and resident portal or the cooperatively managed housing community.

How we helped:

  • Content Management
  • Custom Data Reporting
  • Custom Portal
  • Groups & User Management
  • Hosting and CDN
  • Registration Management
  • Web Design

Custom content and data systems for civic organizations

Your municipality isn’t just another business. It’s a vibrant community with its own identity and purpose. While standard solutions may seem convenient, they often overlook these nuances. Our team specializes in the intricacies and inner workings of local government – building systems that streamline, automate, and harmonize efforts across departments.

Bespoke Systems

We design content and data management systems to fit your organization’s unique needs, processes, and workflows.

Manual To Minimal

Our systems streamline operations by automating processes and minimizing errors from manual data handling.

Integrated Operations

Our custom content and data management systems break down silos, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across departments.

What we’ve learned along the way: