We remove barriers to technology.

Under, around, or over, we’ll get you there.

We make great technology partners because we’ve probably been where you are now, tackling challenges across government, nonprofits, businesses, and startups. Now – we help leaders get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow with tailored solutions and expert advice.

Our Leadership

Greg Hofbauer

CEO & Co-Founder

Greg has spent his career empowering  Richmond and the surrounding communities. He has led 7 companies and mentored hundreds more.

Greg’s passion for supporting entrepreneurs and nonprofits led to him start the RVA Thrive Mentoring Network and manage the Capital Region Small Business Development Center before launching Hofbauer Consulting. Additionally, Greg was an entrepreneur in residence at VCUarts with a focus on teaching budding artists critical business and technical skills.

Greg is actively involved with several local chambers and community foundations, and is often a guest speaker at luncheons and professional events. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Business League and has invested in several local SWaM businesses.

Rachel Hofbauer

COO &  Co-Founder

Rachel is an advocate for social innovation that blends technology with purpose to drive positive change across sectors and industries. She began her career working with nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and foundations, where she championed inclusion, innovation and using technology for social good.

She has led transformative projects for USAID and Medicare/Medicaid – managing product development for knowledge management and data platforms and facilitating Agile transformations in these government agencies.

In addition to her work with government agencies, she has consulted with multinational startups and corporations like Fairphone and Philips on managing complex stakeholder networks needed to enable technology-driven strategies for business growth and social impact.

A bit of a polymath, she is always down a rabbit hole with new hobbies like restoring furniture, rock climbing, barre, native plants and permaculture, contemporary art, and feminist economics.

How We Work

Actions speak louder than words, and organizations often tout values without embodying them. We eschew empty talk; instead, we showcase our values through tangible actions, demonstrating our commitment to integrity, sustainability, and genuine impact in everything we do.

Creative Collaboration

Collaborating with us is akin to having MacGyver on your team. We bring resourcefulness, adaptability, and ingenious problem-solving to every project. Expect creative solutions and unconventional thinking tailored to your unique challenges and goals.

Vision-Driven Innovation

Just like our clients, we’re fueled by grand visions and impactful challenges. We thrive on tackling significant problems, driven by a shared passion for innovation, seeking solutions that truly make a difference.

Future-Proof Stewardship

We are dedicated stewards of our client’s missions and visions, ensuring our recommendations and the solutions resonate with users and each organization’s unique ethos. As devoted custodians, we build our systems to be reliable, scalable, and future-proof.


At the core of our approach lies partnership with our clients. This foundation empowers us to advise, innovate, and craft solutions tailored to your distinct challenges and aspirations. We internalize your organization’s mission, which we integrate with our extensive technical expertise to identify strategies and build the systems needed to realize your vision.

Our focus on long-term partnership also drives us to design for scale and adaptability, enabling continuous iteration as user needs and system requirements evolve. Together, we navigate the journey from vision to reality, ensuring enduring success for your mission-driven endeavors.

Technology partner to these dynamic organizations.

University of Richmond ↗

Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation ↗

Threshold Counsel, PC ↗

Dignity Grows ↗

WORK Labs ↗

Virginia Green Travel Alliance ↗

Theological College ↗

Hofbauer Consulting provided essential technical leadership and services for managing our content. They managed myriad requests from very simple to beyond complex, with nimble thinking and instant solutions. The team was always on-point, understood our issues and, while always friendly and happy to chat, they understood that work rules the day.

I never felt any pressure or fake sales pitch from Hofbauer Consulting, just a sense of honesty and integrity. From the start, they made the whole process of building our platform easy and easy to manage. Not only did they train us to manage the platform ourselves, they took the time to really get to know our organization and helped tell our story and reach our unique audiences.

Hofbauer Consulting came through for our law firm in a big way, with a site that looks and works beautifully, and the ongoing support we need to keep it working well. The project had a clear and efficient budget; the communication and planning were easy; and we are very proud of the results. The project was painless from start to finish.


Hofbauer Consulting created the perfect web system for us, our chapters, volunteers and donors. They provide thoughtful and creative solutions for all our needs. As our organization grows, we continue to work with Hofbauer Consulting to bring out the best version of our vision.

At WORK Labs, we know good design, it’s what we do. But building a website? That’s a bit outside of our wheelhouse. Working with the Hofbauer Consulting team to build our own system was such a fantastic experience, we immediately partnered with them on other client projects.

Hofbauer Consulting built a web system to our exacting standards and requirements. Since our launch, they have provided non-stop care and attention for our evolving needs. They are always available to answer our questions and offer training for small or large concerns. We would highly recommend this proficient, creative, flexible, and considerate team!

As an environmental non-profit, Virginia Green Travel Alliance was struggling to make our “off-the-shelf” system work for our programs and users. Hofbauer Consulting took the time to understand our needs and helped us come up with user-friendly solutions.