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We accelerate entrepreneurs and visionaries by providing a collaborative platform for brainstorming and iterative development that transforms unconventional ideas into innovative solutions and profitable ventures.

At WORK Labs, we know good design, it’s what we do. But building a website? That’s a bit outside of our wheelhouse. Working with the Hofbauer Consulting team to build our own system was such a fantastic experience, we immediately partnered with them on other client projects. We have been so impressed with their knowledge, customer service, and exceptional attention to detail, we cannot wait to work with them again!

Cabell Harris
Creative Director, WORK Labs

Featured Work

We’re technology partners to some inspiring innovators. This is one of the journeys that makes us proud.

From Fog to Fortune – Showerspecs’ Rise with Hofbauer Consulting

In 2020 Showerspecs was ready to launch and approached Hofbauer Consulting to establish a digital presence. Rather than opting for off-the-shelf solutions, Hofbauer Consulting focused on building a flexible platform that could adapt to their evolving product line and requirements.

How we helped:

  • eCommerce
  • Donor Management
  • Chapter Portals
  • Volunteer Intake Management
  • Event Registration Management
  • Website Design
  • Content Management
  • Hosting and CDN
  • Data Security Management

You’re not a yoga studio, or a restaurant, or a salon, or a meetup…

There are a lot of out-of-the box solutions for in-the-box businesses. We help you make the most of your unique edge through close collaboration that centers your vision. With our expertise and guidance you’ll confidently navigate technical complexities and turn your ideas into winning realities.

From Napkin to Prototype

We build lightweight prototypes and systems that center your unique vision and quickly take good ideas from the back of napkins to provable concepts.

Technical Thought Partners

Our team is equipped not only to execute on technical requirements, but also to engage in meaningful discussions and brainstorming to help shape your digital and product strategy.

Iteration and Integration

Whether you’re launching standalone products or integrating with existing infrastructure, we excel at guiding iterative development cycles and ensuring seamless integration and scalability.

What we’ve learned along the way: