Scaling Diversity & Inclusion Education

How a Learning Management System grew VCIC’s Resilience and Revenue

Scaling Diversity & Inclusion Education

How a Learning Management System grew VCIC’s Resilience and Revenue

Originally founded in 1935, The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) began as a grassroots movement to facilitate dialogue in the local community about discrimination and the importance of inclusion. Today Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is increasingly called upon to help schools, businesses, and communities across Virginia.

VCIC’s Mission

The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities works with schools, businesses, and communities to achieve success through inclusion.

VCIC originally approached Hofbauer Consulting to redesign their website and provide ongoing hosting and support. This original collaboration evolved into a comprehensive project to develop an online Learning Management System (LMS) and content. Traditionally, their programs were conducted in person through workshops and classroom training. However, recognizing the need to scale their services beyond the physical and resource constraints associated with in-person training, VCIC decided to transition to an online platform to deliver their transformative curriculum.

Addressing Distribution, Reach, and Scalability: Overcoming Challenges for Statewide Curriculum Delivery

The primary challenges that VCIC faced were related to distribution, reach, and scalability. They had developed a transformational curriculum whose impact was limited by staff time and travel. The organization aimed to deliver its curriculum to entire school districts across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This scale not only stretched the team’s capacity for in-person facilitation, but coordinating administrators and teachers across different school districts also posed significant logistical challenges. Additionally ,while the team had extensive experience with in-person training and facilitation, VCIC had no experience in converting this expertise into learning journeys that were easy to navigate online.

Empowering VCIC with a Transformative Learning Management System: A Collaborative Journey with Hofbauer Consulting

Hofbauer Consulting and VCIC embarked on a transformative journey to address these challenges through the development, implementation, and ongoing support of a robust Learning Management System (LMS). The process involved developing the core platform and collaborating with vendors and VCIC to develop learning journeys and e-learning content. Having worked with VCIC to redesign their website, Hofbauer Consulting was able to elevate the system with seamlessly integrated branding.

Hofbauer Consulting also worked with VCIC to develop bespoke user management and registration solutions that met the unique requirements of VCIC’s partner institutions – handling thousands of users through self-registration and pre-registration options. Additionally, as VCIC navigated new opportunities, Hofbauer Consulting advised the team on authoring technical specifications and preparing accurate quotes for proposals.

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

The implementation process was not without its challenges, including: 

  • Open Enrollment: Initially, the challenge of allowing open enrollment while aligning individuals to specific organizations was addressed by creating an index page for registration.
  • User Experience: Designing an intuitive and easy-to-use user experience was crucial to accommodate users with varying technical abilities.
  • Connectivity: Addressing connectivity issues, especially in rural areas and on older devices, required optimizing the system for low internet connectivity and ensuring compatibility with older browsers.

Greater Resilience, Outreach Expansion, and Financial Sustainability

Working with Hofbauer Consulting to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) transformed the VCIC’s ways of working and who the organization was able to work with. The LMS served as a cornerstone of VCIC’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic facilitating uninterrupted operations and allowing them to thrive while similar nonprofits grappled with delivery.

Registered Learners


Completion Rate

Most notably, the LMS played a pivotal role in expanding VCIC’s outreach, fostering collaborations with financial institutions, museums, city governments, as well as private and public schools. Importantly, the LMS became a valuable offering for VCIC, enabling the organization to license content to a diverse range of organizations, contributing to their financial sustainability. This expanded reach and improved accessibility has only amplified VCIC’s mission and its commitment to helping organizations achieve success through inclusion.

On the Horizon: VCIC’s Vision for Continued Expansion and Partnerships

VCIC envisions a future for the platform marked by continued expansion and the exploration of new partnerships. The Learning Management System (LMS) stands as a cornerstone, empowering VCIC to adapt to changing circumstances and extend its reach, solidifying its role as an integral partner and thought leader in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This innovative solution has not only enhanced operational efficiency but has also positioned VCIC as an influential force, driving positive change and promoting a more inclusive and equitable society.