Custom Learning Management Systems

Unlock the power of a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organization. Generate new revenue and maximize your team’s effectiveness with a customized LMS.

Our Approach


Understand your organization’s eLearning goals and how to best engage your audiences.


Create engaging eLearning content and integrate it into your custom Learning Management System.


Oversee ongoing operations of the platform including user management, reporting, hosting, and more.

Featured LMS Client

“We are so glad we put our e-Learning Portal together in time for the increased demand to engage K-12 educators asynchronously during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hofbauer Consulting put together a helpful, on-brand website for users to engage with our organization while learning online. Thanks to their work, we have been able to expand our geographic reach, and also go more in-depth with clients who otherwise may not have had the resources to work with us. Also, they were very responsive to our unique needs and challenges as they came up. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Jessica Hawthorne, Director of Programs, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

A powerful suite of options for both administrators and learners.

Video Progression

Make sure your learners absorb every valuable second by requiring them to watch videos in their entirety before moving on.

Automated Notifications

Keep your learners engaged and informed with instant feedback and communication whenever they achieve a certain score or perform a specific action.

Learning Paths

Empower your learners to prove their knowledge and skip unnecessary courses by enabling challenge exams.

Badges and Certificates

Officially reward your learners for their success by granting badges and certificates based on quiz performance, completing courses, or both.

Profile Dashboard

Learners can easily track their progress, view quiz scores, and see points earned at a glance with our user-friendly Profile Dashboard.

Assignment Management

Effortlessly manage assignments by approving, commenting, and awarding points on submitted work.

Quizzing with Advanced Features

From a wide range of question types to customizable messages, flexible display options, and more, take your quizzes to the next level.

Flexible Prerequisites

Customize access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites, ensuring a tailored learning experience for each student.

Unlock the Power of Multimedia

Experience the versatility of our platform that supports a wide range of media formats such as images, videos, audio, SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and more.

Dynamic Learning on Your Terms

Customize the learning experience by drip-feeding lessons or providing flexible linear and open progression through your course.

Seamless One-Time Purchases

Easily monetize your courses by selling them individually. Set a competitive price and watch your course become instantly available for purchase.

Flexible Subscriptions

Generate recurring revenue by offering courses through flexible subscription plans at intervals that suit your audience.

Payment System Integrations

Enjoy a hassle-free transaction process with our built-in payment system or seamlessly integrate with multiple payment gateways for a smooth checkout experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Create a community and offer exclusive content with the MemberDash plugin, empowering you to sell memberships and provide restricted access to valuable resources.

Unleash Bundle Savings

Excite your students with irresistible promotions and deals on course bundles, adding immense value to their learning journey.

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